Thursday, April 07, 2022

Beginning of Ramadhan

All I could say is I'm blessed. The main reason is because I finally got chance to fast at home 🥹 real blessing. It excites me even more since my going home was unplanned. Everything started from a whatsapp status.

I rambled how I'm missing home during Ramadhan. Of course because everything from suhoor, iftaar to taraweeh well prepared than on my dorm alone. Never in my mind, my boss will respond to that status.

He offered me to go home on Friday and promised to give work from home at Monday. Quite a time right? But then I answered the offering become a break instead. He approved it immediately. So here I am at home enjoying pleasure times! God is good. Alhamdulillah.

Despite lots of transportation choices, I picked train. It also been a year since I rode that. The journey took quite a long time. Almost half a day. Not much different from taking bus or private minibus (travel). Because there's no direct train from Bogor to Semarang. I used several other transportation like KRL and Gojek. Overall it was worth.

The appearance of railway station also change a lot. I won't know if I didn't took train that day. Yippie, no regret.

I took this chance to recharge myself and indeed I am. It was the first tarawih I did in masjid after 2 years. Never before I realized this is so precious. Hence I enjoyed every rakaah & recitations that the Imaam did.


I also used this time around to catch up with my high school bae. We used to be fantastic four but only three remain. Where's the other one? Yup you got it right. She moved to another city to live with her husband & kid #marriedlife.

We spent hours to talk about our current live(s). What surprise me is the opening question, "How many times you went to psycholog?" Ugh I guess everyone had a hard time and realized the needs of a pro. It hits me that I'm not the one struggling on quarter life.

Well, this one post is obviously not a proper one. Someone trying to pick up a mood to write again :)

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