Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smapa League Part 1

Awesome! Tiring but yeah, really enchant. Surely.
So guys, today my class had a match versus x1 class. The boys said that they were prepared the best for our class. And guess what? The girls, especially Ika&Dhita have a stormy plan. First, they bought white cloth and wrote some encouragement words on it used pylox. Morever, they made a sticker which has red&black colour, red ribbon, and last, trumpets. They asked us to bring bottles and galon to make noise~ XD

After school, I sleep for a while. Assa & Noufal were sent me text message to reminds us don't forget to support them. 03.00 I took a bath and pray El-Ashr. Wore our jersey (love that jersey so much!) I went to smapa with Muthia & Ghea. We walked quickly because we scared we'll late. Arrived at smapa..............the match was began! We ran till field and joined Wigar dkk. We supporting our team like insane group. Really, we screamed till our vocal cords almost broken off. Lmao! XD

At first, our team left behind 1 goal. But fortunately, Briant made 1 goal so our score was same. But, x1 made goal again! Assa made 1 goal from long-range shot. That was awesome! Surely. Unfortunately, on last minute x1 made goal so the score being 3-2 :| Kinda disappointed problem. It's first time, we still have 3 times again. Rite? GO FIGHT WIN SLASH!

Here some pictures that taken by Savira! (:


 I'm the cutest one. Lol third from left that's me!

 Our captain, assa. Lmao his face kinda freak :p

 Ano, little boy. At rest time

 Satya, anime lover

 Irfan, he's m a ho :p

 Briant, our "kethek" or monkey in english :p

 He is Irfan's couple, Aziz XD


 Love this moment so much<3<3<3

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