Monday, January 02, 2012

First Day

Today was the first day I went to school after long holiday. Umm 2 weeks were not long enough rite?._. Hehe. I wake up on 04.30 and that was rain. So cold you know~ and I go back to sleep for 1 hour :3 06.00 I took shower. Brrr the water really really cold and make me shiver!
Arrived at school, I feel soooooooo happy hehehehe ^^ and when Muthia's arrived, she gave me a birthday present. Actually, my birthday was missed much on October 11th lol but nope. The present was from Ghea, Amel, and Muthia. You know? They gave me a domo-kun purse! Aaaa that really cute present. Look here!

Cute enough rite? And here the birthday card from them. Errr they wrote it with "alay" style -__- hahaha everybody knew that I've always called the queen of "alay" -_-

I guess muthia wrote it. Aaa I'm blessed to have best friends like them. They're always beside me when I'm down. The most important, they're not backstabbers! lol
And guess what? My class got a new student. Her name was Nuha, yes she was a girl with veil just like me and...glasses. She moved from Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan. At first, I'm shocked. Banjarmasin was.........really really far from Semarang. I hope she'll bear in my super duper ridiculous class :p

One more, my student card...or osis card? Whatever you call it lah was made-up. Unfortunately, my icon was.....................ugly!!!! Really ugly -..- look at this!

 Wad du yu ting? Ugly. Haha kbye c u tomorrow :D

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