Sunday, January 01, 2012


Hey guys!!!! Happy new year 2012 y'all. Super excited that finally 2012 come with happiness. I didn't provide any party or etc like others. Actually, amel sent me text message and invited me to gathering at assa's home with my ridiculous class, slash. But unfortunately, I can't join them. Why? Because I never go to anywhere with my friends, without my family on night. Except when I joined "bukber" until 22.00 o'clock. Kinda sad ya..

So I just spending my time on my beloved lappie then go to tumblr and reblogging everything 'bout one direction. Guess what? Now I can recognize zayn, harry, louis, liam, and niall well. Haha lol XD
Liam was my favorite boy on one direction. He's cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! And cool too. Harry have the most amazing voice. You mad if you didn't believe me :p
Almost forgot, I have a video from youtube when one direction express their new year to directioner. Check this out!~ XD
Left to right: niall, zayn, louis, liam, and harry. Who's the cutest one? L-I-A-M hahaha XD
Moreover, I also express happy new year to all my friends. And I got some messages from them, too. So excited^^
Here printscreen from twitter:

Wish y'all can be better and be a new adorable person! Kbye!(:

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