Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#ImpactSemarang How to: Get Your Success

Hello again. As I promised I'll write what I got from speakers of #ImpactSemarang. There was three speakers but I only took a noted for two speakers. First session was Yan Hendry's. I don't remember what the title of his speech but let's just take it as my post title.

Yan Hendry gave us nine points on his speech how to get your success

1) Starting Point
First you have to know where and when is your starting point. Is it at college? Or after graduate? Starting point is important because you know what will be your prioritize. You won't do something that not in your priorittize list. So in the end you won't waste your time doing useless thing

2) Not an Instant
This is mainstream and cliche of course you ever heard this statement "Even instant noodle is not that "instant". You have to cook it first before you can eat it." right? 

3) Start Small
Nothing in the world start big. Look at a tree. Its first come from seed, then there's root inside, then the branch, and lots of process till its fruit grow. Just as success, you can't be success if you already start big except you're a King's son. There's a saying "Small is a new big". Success has no limit BUT you have to start small, start knowing where you are.

4) Prepare your Steps
Even you're walking on dangerous area, if you know where to go and how to get your purpose, it's okay. Don't be afraid to fall.

5) Keep Walking
You never know what will happen even you're already prepared. Sometimes things not going to the way we want. Even so, do not ever give up. Keep walking. Who know's your success is only a walk away?

6) Have Some Fun
As you worked hard, you'll feel tired. Don't push yourself too much. When your body or mind give you a warning, have some fun. One thing that you should remember, each person's way to get their fun is different. What you have to do is have fun for yourself, not for your pride. And remember not to judge other's choice how to have some fun.

7) Rest
No need to overwork. Take a rest.

8) Enjoy the Ride
Life has its up and down right? Enjoy the ride as you enjoy rollercoaster *wink

9) See You on TOP
And finally SEE YOU ON TOP!

That was nine step. But for me, first step is: pray. Praying is such a miracle. Don't you agree?

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