Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sahur Terakhir: Penghujung Ramadhan

Yay people! I write it after I got my sahur. Maybe it gonna be the last sahur (also fasting, of course!) for this year. Ah why did time went so fast? The very first day fasting I didn't even celebrate it. Like nothing special. But after went this far, Eid Mubarak so close!! Excited? Yup. Exactly. Not only excited, I also feel so sad. Do you think I'm sad because Ramadhan leaving very soon? Oh no I'm not that pure person :/ a lil bit maybe. The reason why I sad is.................I really really really miss my grandma! Kind of that.

This year Eid Mubarak will be so boring without her (again&again). Since se had passed away about many years ago. Yet I still love her. Lot of memories I took with her. I love her so so much. I was thinking about her in tarawih shalah lately. And tears stream down my face right that time :'") fyi she is my grandma from my mom's family. May her have a best place there :) *send pray*

Ramadhan this year I didn't have any special event. Yep therea are lot invitation to breakfasting together. Even my elementary's friends also had an event. Unfortunately I didn't attend any of all. Cause of course my dad never allowed me to go anywhere. Yes dude  I'm rapunzel in 2013 year! Hahaha *tears of sickness*. Whatever lah may today fasting will be completed without any pebbles obstruct. And if today I completed my fasting, my fasting was full a month :DDD dunno should I excited or sad but it's blissful dude! Happy fasting everyone!

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