Saturday, August 17, 2013

3 in 1

Ya fella! I'm back. It's still Eid Mubarak's atmosphere even actually 1 Syawal has passed about a week. I with all my sincerity sayin' Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. May Allah accept all of our worship during Ramadhan like fasting, recite Al-Qur'an, and so on. Besides, I also asking for apologize. Deep apologize for all of my mistakes. No one has no mistakes rite? Including me.


Also, today is Indonesian Independence Day. Happy 68th Birthday Indonesia! There are lot of wishlist than I hope will be granted soon. I (still) proud to be an Indonesian. Even though British is my dream. LOL.

So today is the very first day of school after 2 weeks Eid Mubarak's holiday. Glad. I can meet all of my friends after holiday. My holiday not that interesting, eh? Today I wake up at 5.00 am yes baby I trying hard to wake up. Remember that in holiday I wake up at about 10.00 am *grin*. Alhamdulillah, I got a very beautiful morning. I saw sun rise so shining! Like a piece of art that God made. I grateful because I don't missed this beautiful opportunity.

Emm.. Just like Independence Day as usual my school held a ceremony. Which not that fascinating. I got my first surprised in this moment. So I was chatting with Dika. You can understand rite we have so many story to tell. We haven't meet about 2 weeks! Even we keep in touch by technology called twitter, line, etc. I dunno what I did wrong but suddenly a hand punch me so hard. I was really shocked. What? Why? Who? A teacher punch me and she says: SHUT UP! A GIRL'S VOICE IS AURAT (you know AURAT on Islam rite?). Definitely she yelling at me. I answered her without thinking: NO, IT WASN'T ME. But she has a devil eyes so I quiet. Deep in my heart I feel so embarrassed. Because of her, my friends around me laughing so hardly. Ugh.. I will always remember that line. That sound. But I have no resentment. It's still Eid Mubarak, rite?^^ *acting cute*

Second surprise for this day came when I walked to class. Guess what? Javaneese lesson coming back! Darn it. I was really pleased when I heard than Javaneese lesson is no longer exist in 2013 curriculum. But now...............OH GOD WHY? :/

Last surprise was..........a neighbour told me that I picked to be a singer. Eh not a singer maybe group singer for a week from now. He told me that I have to sing in front of all my neighbourhood. What? What? What? He also told maybe around 10 people (High School students, exactly) will sing. I just sayin' InsyaAllah but I definitely not gonna come! Haha sorry.

That's all for today. I promised with my self to write, write, and write. Writing is part of my life so I won't let it go haha kbye see ya! :D

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