Monday, October 01, 2012

My October Wishes

Heyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa first day of October. Ready to face it? I haven't yet btw...
Today, October 1st 2012 my school principal was changed. Mrs.Srinatun being 6 Senior High School and my new principal from there. So, we just change our principal.
We got ceremony like usual but, there's something different on it. First, it was the last ceremony for Mrs.Srinatun on SMAPA. Dunno should I happy or sad??? Most of students so glad  I think. It seen from their face when Mrs.Srinatun present her speech. HAHA whatta naughty students.

Beside, there also inauguration for OSIS new member. They also gave Mrs.Srinatun a bouquet. Ah they're too sweet :$ hihihi. Well, good bye Mrs.Srinatun. May you always success on your new school.
Em..I'll write My October Wishes here:

  • Pass midterm with a good result
  • Hangout w/ SLASH. I admit it, I really miss SoV bro... :")
  • Get birthday greeting from Liam James Payne!!!!!!!!!!!! Or one of one direction. Both is better. CAN I???????? :"""D

That was my wishes. I didn't wish too much. I just want that my 3 wishes come true on this October. Luv ya! x

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