Friday, August 03, 2012

What a Night!

How long I've been leave this blog? :p Yay been so long I think. First tab when I log-in to this blog was checked statistics. And...phew, some people still visited my blog even I didn't post anything yet. R U stalker?
Kay let's start new topic. It was August already. You were made your own August Wish, rite? And me too. May Allah bless us & hear our pray. Amin.

Eh actually I'll post about "bukber" or "buka bersama". What we call this in English? Breakfasting together? Absurd. LOL
This bukber was yesterday on Super Penyet with my beloved SL4SH!!! <3 are="are" br="br" ere="ere" nbsp="nbsp" we="we">

 Reisi and others

 Left to right: Dio (birthday boy)-Aziz-Irfan-Dito

It was uncompleted SL4SH. Some of them didn't join. Like Hasna, Mendiang, Bagas, Brian, and Menis. Kinda disappointed you know. After got breakfasting, we went to Asa's home. But me, Dhita, Juprik, Nana, Ika & Faiza went to Swiss House. Yay we bought a birthday cake for Dio. Here's the birthday cake.

 "Happy #16 Birthday Dio From SL4SH"

At Swiss House, Dhita requested birthday greeting for Dio. And pretty sure it was alay style XD
After that, we called Acho to picked us up there cause we didn't know where Asa's home. Ffiuuh.. And the last, here's birthday party! Dio made a wish and then blew his candle. His first cake pieces given to Aziz. How sweet ya :3. Once again, HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY DANIAR DIO JUVENTA FROM SL4SH. May God bless you always<3 p="p">
Firework baby! 

 Yayyy party!

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