Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ready for Ramadhan?

Hi there. Already spent 5 days for school even not fully study at all. Cos some of our teacher still counfused with new timetable. And that's such an annoying thing. Ever.
Did you know what we'll face soon? Yup, Ramadhan. Ramadhan is the most special month in Hijriyah calender.
In this month, we all moslem have to fasting. Not only arrested for hunger and thirst but also for our appetite. I could guess, in this month almost all people changed to very very very nice people. They won't get anger easily, calm, etc.

Ramadhan always started from Ramadhan 1st Hijiriyah. Unfortunately, Indonesia used Masehi calender. So to decided when 1st Ramadhan will come, goverment especially religion ministry have to set up a meeting called "Sidang Isbat". Here we'll know when we can started to fasting. Like last year, there's always some difference happened. Islamic organization such Muhammadiyah or NU or etc usually set up their own meeting.

And the results was........people started to fasting with different day. Some of them started on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Muhammadiyah, I thought the biggest Islamic organization in Indonesia, decided that Ramadhan 1st day coincided on Friday. Meanwhile, our goverment decided it was Saturday. That's really makes us, moslem kinda confused.

My daddy said we have to obey goverment bcause their meeting accordance with Al-Qur'an rules. And yeah, I'll start to fasting on Saturday. Nevertheless, I respect whoever start to fasting tomorrow. How about you?

Happy fasting y'all. Wishing we can do the best and got reward as much as possible. Ameen! (:

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