Friday, June 15, 2012

SLASH @ Bazaar Smapa

Hi there! As I said yesterday, today was Bazar Smapa. All of students grade X sold anything they want. Mostly thing was foods and beverages. Why? Obviously that thing were fast to sold. Lol
I arrived school like usual. 7.00 am. And that Bazaar started at 08.30 am. We (my class) sold yummy foods :9 and Kuwud Ice as it beverages.

That was our stand. How? Is it cool? Or too crowded? We made it "alay". Fyi alay is mean excess on English (got it from Google Translator :p LOL). Our decoration was made by girls of slash. Excluding me :p I made foods not decoration, btw. Guess what? Our stand was the most complicated stand xD Proud of it B-)

Photo above was our product. First, Smoke Sausage. Made from sausage then we gave some secret spice and off course, we grilled it. it name should be Grill Sausage right? -..- Forget it. This food was the most requested. Sure, it tasted soooo good. :9
Second, Crispy Risol. Made by Hasna. Risol was Indonesian food which made from flour (maybe? idk man :p). It filled by cheese, chicken, also mayonaise. I bought it 1. And I got addicted!!!! Such a super-duper-delicious food :9
Third, Sweet Corn. Made by boiled corn. The corn wasn't fully, I can explain to you? The corn was made like seed. Got it? No? Idc. Hahaha. I bought it 2. First with cheese and milk. Second with chocolate. Yummyyy :9
Last, Kuwud Ice. Kuwud is coconut. Made by coconut, melon, sugar, "selasih", coconut water, squeezed orange, and obviously ice. I bought 1, too. And no regrets, really fresh :p
At last, all ours product was sold out and fully delicious. Full regrets for you, you, and you whoever didn't try :p
For additional info here we are:
Cracking ice

This! Super yummy risol:9

Ano tried to light fire

For you whoever reading this. Lemme show you my secret admirer. Call her Nuha or Hunu or anything you want :p See ya!
Ate her Sweet Corn

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