Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slash On Vacation: Bandungan

Hi everybody! How's life? Long time no see ya ;)
Here I'll tell y'all 'bout a beautiful day with slash. On Thursday, March 8th 2012 we going to Bandungan. A day before it, Assa announced to us we must gathering on Noufal's at 07.00 am. But in reality, I went to Noufal's almost 08.30 LOL. Why? First I must persuade Amel to jois us. Amel kinda confused wanna join or or not. She's still made some chocolates to sell. Indeed, she was thawed that chocolates. Fortunately, I can persuade her so she decided to join us :)
I went to Muthia's then. We'll going to Noufal's together. At Muthia's, I borrowed a jeans. My parents said I shouldn't wore trousers so I just have skirt at my wardrobe. Annoying huh.
Finally we walked to Noufal's :D
And after we arrived at Noufal's, some friends were there already. They waiting for us :p LOL and some photos at Noufal's.
Me, Faiza, Amel

Failed to candid. Lol asa what are you doing there?

Satya-Icha. Guess what they did reversed pillow....

Da Boys :D

Assa. Super cool with his skateboard rite?

About 09.00 am we out. Unfortunately, there was a problem. Nanda didn't get motorcycle. Huhhh...finally Wigar called Yanuar (btw yanuar not part of slash :p) Alhamdulillah. He would to help us and he join our vacation :D
And we going to Bandungan. Btw I ride Dinar's motorcycle and hitchhike behind me. It was the first time I ride motorcycle at main road and actually I'm kinda scared. Alhamdulillah, Allah protect us :D When we entered Bandungan area, suddenly... Dinar's sandals was busted. So Dinar, Icha, Amel and me stopped for a while to bought new sandals. I've said to other to waiting for us. But, maybe the didn't hear me so they leave us :| And we follow them quickly. Alhamdulillah we didn't lost. Hehehe
Bandungan's road was very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy horrible._. I can't describe how horrible it is. We confused what we going where? When we almost arrived to Gedong Songo temple, Cepil and Agung got problems. Finally, we just sitting in road side. How disappointed we are :( And fyi there was very very cold and I didn't brought jacket:| Here some photos at road side..
Muthia, Me and Dinar

How beautiful...

Irfan. That siluet soooo adorable!

Icha, Me and Dinar

That was about 12.00 and we were felt hungry. So we got lunch at um... what we call "Warung pinggir jalan" in English? :O I ordered chicken satay. But some of us ordered rabbit satay. Actually I curious with taste of rabbit satay but I didn't bear to eat it. Here we when got lunch. Yummyyy :9 I just spent IDR 11.000 for one serve of satay (with lontong or rice it's up to you) + hot tea.

Me. While waiting for satay :D

Wigar, Cepil and Faiza. They made "SLASH" word using skewer ._.

This photos taken by Yanuar. Actually the road was very very crowded hahaha but Yanuar so good to took that photos :D our vacation. We were the best class. Luvin y'all<3

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