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#GuestPost - 5 Signs of Weak Faith With Reference To Ahadith

5 Signs of Weak Faith With Reference To Ahadith

With regards to faith in Islam, it is the requirement of a devotee of every faith to be solid in it. Faith is that one thing which shapes the view of a man relating to his life, in this manner if the establishment of your faith is frail, it is regular to expect the adherent to vacillate and shake in the life relating the way one perceives it and the other happenings.

Following are the few things that are an indication of your weak faith concerning the Hadiths. Have a look at these:

Sinning with no guilt
Islam understands that individuals accidentally submit sins, be that as it may, the thing anticipated from them is that they would indicate regret on their transgressions and feel lament about it. People who don't feel regret over the transgressions they have done are those who need to thoroughly consider the sort of faith they accompany on the grounds that wrongdoings with no lament or regret speak to frail the strength of faith.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: “All of my followers will be forgiven except those who commit sins openly. Such is the case of a man commits a sin at night, and Allah had his sins concealed till the morning comes. But, he says openly: ‘O so and so, I did such and such yesterday.’ Allah had covered his sin, but he uncovered the veil of Allah from it.” (Bukhari)

When you worship without paying attention to it
There are a significant number of people who offer Salah in daily routine; in any case, you will rarely come across people who offer supplication with the genuine soul of consideration in which petition should have been offered.

In this regard, it was said by Allah’s Prophet Muhammad (SAW): “Allah does not accept the supplication from an inattentive, heedless heart.” (Tirmidhi)
So if you don’t pay attention when you are worshiping Allah, it clearly means that your faith is weak.

You are not soft at heart
Strong faith of a Muslim implies, the person is delicate on a basic level, and the heart of that person is touchy for every one of the general population he is surrounded by. The individuals that are weak at faith are stiff at heart and the stiffness of the hearts then stay impervious to any sort of supplication and all that he has in his heart is haziness and lack of interest related to the goodness or the things that are evil.

Quran: “And yet, after this your hearts hardened and became like rocks, or even harder.” (2:74)

Patience and Forgiveness
Faith revolves around these qualities of a human being, patience and forgiveness. Because it is generally said that any person with a stronger faith is more patient towards everything in life and forgiveness is a major part of the character of the person whose faith is strong. 
Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: “Iman is patience and forgiveness.” (Tirmidhi)

People with Arrogant Nature
Arrogance is the thing that is disliked in Islam, and it is a clear indication of the weak faith as Allah dislikes those who are arrogant to others around. Everyone is equal, and you must not treat people with arrogance due to their wealth or social status. 

Prophet of Allah (SAW) said: “The one who is pleased that the slaves of Allah stand up for him, then let him be assured of his place in the Fire.” (Bukhari)

These are few things that indicate the strength of the faith, weak or strong. Stay safe!

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