Monday, December 31, 2012

Let Me Say Goodbye To 2012

Hi. First I wanna say big big sorry for not completing my next chapter about "Pesantren Liburan". There were some trouble that obstruct me. Just wait & pray I have an enough mood to remember the last chapter. Hehe.

Now it's after midnight. Page 366 of 366 which mean last day of 2012. And I'm still alive, the world haven't doom yet like (stupid) prediction. Ummh..what should I do in this last day? Let's flashback about what I've through this year.

  • January
SMAPA LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even SLASH haven't be a winner yet, still..proud ya<3 br="br">
  • February
Valentine's Day will be unforgottable day to SLASH. 2 couples here :D
  • March
SoV going to Bandungan!!!!!!!!!!! Wohoooo!!
  • April
Twitcaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish the boys will have a twitcam, ASAP :D
  • May
Last days with exam..fighting to be science student.. Ah, miss :")
  • June
Bazaar! Goes to Jogja! Xixi all about SLASH yo!
  • July
Get a new class, GHOST. Separated with Ghea, Muthia, Amel. Harder live here..
  • August
Bukber or break fasting together with SLASH & celebrating Dio's birthday. 
  • September
Niall's birthday. Stress being science student. Got bad score, but still...all is well baby
  • October
My birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing special hehe.
  • November
When I like to see his eyes..
  • December
Holiday, final exam for third semester. Pesantren Liburan. Love<3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

My new year resolutions (or I call it obsesions) are:
1. Stop being complainer. To be honest, I am. One day, I read a tweet that a complainer live no longer than they who blessful w/ their live. So I try to not complain & always grateful for what Allah gave to me.
2. Increasing arab&english conversation. Could I? I HAVE TO.
3. Focus on school. Cause it's only 6months till I go to last grade for senior school. Last grade = exam everytime.
4. Preserves myself on top 4 in class. But it will be better if I can increasing that, maybe be a number 1? AMIIIN
5. Keep money for a 1D tour (even from what I read, it's gonna be on 2014. Whatever, I'll do anything for myboys)
6. Be a beautiful princess like Siti Khodijah, Muhammad's wife
That's it. And my wish may Allah always give me&my family the best plan. I believe on him.
Well, goodbye 2012, and welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 I'm ready!!!!

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