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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly Post

Yayyy hella fellas! Would you like to hear a good news? Finally FINAL EXAM was OVER! I said once again, OVER. Already! Yayyyy *dancing*
Oops I'm sorry I'm too excited huh? :D Still can't believe a week that full of fight. Such a hectic week. Stu-dying everyday. Even I didn't take it seriously :p
Meh, so this is my test card photoshoot. Sorry for bad photo. I forget to take it when I just got it. Here.

Math: totally died. for 30 multiple choice & 5 essay I just can answer 15 & 3 of them. Quite good?
Religion: awesome. I believe in it.
Indonesian: passed.
Music: passed.
Chemistry: darn it. It's level of difficulty was 9,999999 of 10 ha!
Civic: lucky me I studied well :]
English: passed.
Indonesian History: sorry for those whom fight fot Indonesian. But IT'S WHOLE QUESTION REALLY HARD ON ME.
Physics: don't ask me.
IT: K this I hate theory:/
Biology: give this a smile.
Sport: YAY :]
Javaneese: I can read javaneese font ayayayyyyy what a shock x)
Elektro skill: absurd.

I was on Class 5. And it was my own class, ghost. Which, I sat with my junior. Ain't that bad. My bench mate talk a much just like me he. Ya that's what I faced for a week. Full of wish...to get best result. Amen!

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