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Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm a Chickadee in Love with Blue Sky

The highlight of today is NO SCHOOL (I really highlight it rite? haha). Yay look at me how happy I am to know it :D As usual I spent my night with watching old episodes of Running Man. Kind of interesting and really, feels like all of my problem, sadness, and guilty feeling gone far far away. LOL
Fortunately today I didn’t spend all of my day at home. I have to practice for performing drama next week. So reisi picked me up at 9am (we make a deal at 8.30am first but she was the one who came late -_-).

Actually we got a deal with others (my drama’s group has 10 member, dude!) at school on 10 am. Since I want to download some Running Man episodes, and Reisi too, we went early. Then what happened there? Out of luck , the WiFi couldn’t connect ergh that feeling so....so....undescribeable right?  WHY SUCH A THING LIKE THIS HAPPEN? Seriously we went angry, annoyed, upset.......huft all my download plan was failed in one minute.

All I can do there only watching Running Man. Which, really boring because I don't have any snack to eat and pillow to cuddle with! Haha. We took a long time for waiting. That's one of Indonesian bad habbit. They always come late. Even a minute, late was late right? I can never get big deal with this thing. We were about a half hour waiting there. Dian come first, followed by Fandi, Brianne, Dika, Ryan, Dio, and Yayas. One member, Leo didn't show us his attendance. Where are you huh? :]x

Without Leo, we were practiced our drama. My drama's scenario was written by me & Dika while the idea was from here. We did lot of laughs that time :D At 11.30am we went back home. But me, Dika, Reisi & Yayas went to lunch first. Our destination was Mie Nges Nges. I recommended this place to you :D
That how my Thuesday goes so well. How's yours?
Here I put some of my skies photograph. Hope you enjoy it! :)


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