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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Random Post

Everything you believe is not always the truth.
One quote I got after watching Running Man ep.42 (officially broadcasted 2 years ago :p). That quotes isn't suit with me. I to write any quote I get. In case for always remember it. Sometimes, believe me. Re-reading old quotes or posts really interesting :""D

Truth is I always wanted to write here everyday. But my life so so that flat. That confusing me what should I write? Because of that I also think that I lost my sense of writing. that so? Even my twitter account never filled with my "feeling" tweets anymore. Retweeting, reply someone who needs help(?) and tweet some random quotes was my activity there lately. Dunno I stop tweeting any tweet 'bout my feeling. My real life. Feels so...what's better than fake?

Lemme tell ya 'bout life school..high schooler. Only a month remaining till I get to highest grade on high school. See how fast time walk..or run? Flies! I still remember first time I'm here. Now everything was being memories. Slash, Ghost..soon Ghost will be memories, too.

Kinda anxious 'bout how XII grade's life. If I regarding my brother, he get busier day by day. His day filled with additional lesson, preparing for any exam (here lots of exam have to be completed by us before we graduated). Based on my observing(?) I should prepare&brace my self starting from now. Before it's getting too late & I regret it. First step I took was joined an additional hours beside school. It was chemistry course which I really really scared 3-|

How about today? Today my Indonesian's teacher give us a task. We have to performing a drama. And guess what? I have no idea about it. Whatever. This 1 month will be my last time being a middle-grader high school student. After that, less than a year I'll graduated. Geez....I'll do my best.
cheers, eclair5882

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