Sick-sickness - A Lifelong Journey by Lulu Khodijah

Saturday, March 23, 2013


You may wondering what happened with me in that picture? I got scarlatina for a week. Yah it look like an usual sickness (which I usually got it when I'm too tired). Then it won't stop & I can't hold on that sickness anymore. Finally my mommy decided to brought me to hospital. After lab's check, the doctor determined that I got scarlatina. On that time, I have to opname:/
I felt so lonely there. What I can do only ate, sleep & consume lots of medicines (traditional & from doctor). Being a sick girl isn't that good. Lucky me, @ourGHOST went to visit me there. Love this class<33 :="" nbsp="" p="">
What about the boys eh? The boys so so busy with their tour. Rumoured that the boys will release a new album on the end of 2013. But I'm not sure, it so close with Take Me Home released. Also, Take Me Home Tour still work till 2014. Hm, anyone?
Just fyi on 1-6 April I'll face midtest. Wish us luck baby!

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