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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Delightful Day

"Rei, let's try school's WiFi" that was my first sentence I gave to Reisi this morning :> I obsessed with school's WiFi after found 2 images on facebook. That photos pop up transfer rate up to 4Mbps. For me who used WiFi at home with maximum speed on average 50kbps, it sooooooo..........attract my attention. Then today, I tried it! OMG HAHA.
Before I try it, I should passed 2 classes. English for first class & Chemistry for second. We (GHOST) got oral quiz today. Mrs.Niken had asked us to do a special thing. We have to write 10 difficult words along it mean & synonym. We should write it on a notebook. Let me show you mine..

Looks like I made by myself. Well, I bought it for IDR 3K. My mommy said "Why you buy it when you can make it?" I said "Yes I can make it. But it will take my precious time" HAHAHA #LikeABoss B)
Mrs.Niken start that quiz randomly. Lucky me (or unlucky?) I'm one of 10 students who haven't called by Mrs.Niken yet. So we have to do oral quiz on next meet. Aka on Saturday. Should I feel happy or.......?

Second class, I got high expetation for free class. God bless, it wasn't granted :>
Mr.Agus gave us about 7 questions (which I can't answer at all :P). After half time, Mr.Agus announced that he'll leave class for something. Automatically I invited Reisi to try school's WiFi.
We used and paid IDR 2.5K for a day. I used my momma's phone :P First download, I kinda get chagrin. The transfer rate only 300kbps. Then Reisi download for second time..............and Voila! Transfer rate increase up to 3 Mbps. I downloaded some movies almost 4GB. Thanks God. It such a heaven :D

Bad news about today, I got PMS. When I told it to Nisa, she said "PMS happen before you got period!" *grumpy face* "OK it will be just MS then" I replied.
FYI I got super-painful stomachace everytime I'm on period :"> Even I got that super-painful stomachace, I still did stupid things. Took some photos! Haha.

That 4 photos, right one is Anung. Left one me, obviously.

Last but not at least, it was Yayas's birthday. Yayyyy massive birthday Sekar Ayu Saraswati. Best wishes for you. Allah always bless you! She got her sweet seventeen today. May you love our birthday gift (from me, Dika, & Reisi) & use it as often as possible. Me love ya!<33 strong=""> 

Well, that was my day. How's yours? :D

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