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Friday, March 29, 2013

Confussion Thought

Hiii. Countdown D-3 midterm test. To be honest I haven't ready yet. Umm..I never get ready for any test, maybe? :3
This is my midterm card. Dunno I got it already while lot of my friends haven't get it yet.

The left image is front-side. And the right one is back-side. I'm gonna sit on 15th class. Back-side is filled with midterm schedule. Could you read it clearly? Sorry for bad quality. I took it with my mobile phone.

There are still one problem that scotch my brain. It's about cheating. As you know, Indonesian students so familiar with cheating. They have various skill of cheating. They can take a super-small notes with them. Take mobile phone on they pocket even it was forbidden. And any other skills. I'm not the type of both them. The most slick skill I do when test only ask the answer to other friends.

Nah here the problem is. In my class, only 1 or 2 student(s) still doing their test honestly without cheating. While, most of students always cheating in every chance. And there is 1 student, just call Ann (length of Annoying) she (omg I just mention she? HAHA) is advance on cheating. Aside from her strategic bench (on the last test she sat on backmost bench. Probably this test she will sit there again), she's also a wicked girl. For example, she'll ask you for the answer. When she ask me, I always give her the right answer based on my think. Otherwise, if I ask her for the answer, she gonna give me the wrong ones. How cute ya?

I always wish that I can do all my test honestly, without cheating. I was so sad knowing how many times I've done my test without an honesty. Since I read a tweet "Do it now. Before later becomes never" and read my teacher's blog about cheating in my religion...OMG cheating is included as fake recognition. And anyone who give fake recognition will probably forbidden to go to "Jannah". Oh Allah I feel so desperately..

I've studied seriously, take my own time. Ask for a distraction, but it never makes me get perfect score. While those people who cheating always get (almost) perfect score. So what should I do?:(

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