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Thursday, February 14, 2013

That Story....

Hi. I'm back. Once I'm gonna complaining (again&again OH GOD WHY) whyyy can't I just stop it ya?:/
It started when I got 36 for my chemistry exam :P is it show you how stupid I am? Is it an important think to get perfect score? Idk dude. The problem is, sometimes my classmates considered that IF WE GOT PERFECT SCORE, IT MEANS BETTER LIFE. Haha suck. It won't guarantee ur future, dude muahhhh :P

Suddenly I remember 'bout a story. This story I read when I was sat on elementary school. The title was "A little girl and a diary". I still remember that story clearly. It was an interesting story which has deep moral value. Written on BOBO magazine in bahasa a.k.a Indonesian. Now I'll retell you using my messy english. Here I am..

"Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She is such a loner. She never smile to anyone. She never has friend even just one. All she has only a diary. On that diary, she written her story. Unfortunately, her diary contain bad story. Why? Because people mock at her requently. They said that she is an ugly loner & grumpy. So she always wrote scolding replies on her diary.

One day, a cruel boy grasp her diary. He read her diary loudly in front of their friends. She is sooo embarassed. With a teardrops, she take her diary back and runaway to a river. Unluckily, her diary dropped in the river and she can't take it back. So she's cry..cry..and cry.

Suddenly, she hear a voice asking her help. She look around but didn't find anyone. Guess what? Evidently, that voice comes from the river. A batch of diary was there. The little girl feel so scared. She got panic attack and runaway to home. She is getting tired and....sleep then. In her sleep, she got a drem. She dreamed 'bout that diary. That diary asked her again to pick it up from the river. The little girl wake up because of it's dream and decided to go back to the river.

Arrived in the river, she trying to take the diary. With maximum effort, finally she got that diary. That diary has 4 empty book to write. Day by day, 2 diary was filled with her handwriting. When she start to write the 3rd book, the diary said "Why you always write a bad story with rude word? If you continue to write like this, I'll be an ugly book. You should try to start write others story, try to write 'bout good things & your grateful in your life."

The little girl answered "W-w--what? I always write like this. Idk how to write 'bout my happiness". "First, you have to remember that you still have God. He's give you live, health, and anything you need. Then, if other people talking bad about you, just reply it with smile. If you get frustating 'bout your live, try to be grateful" said the books.

"Okay I'll try"
So she start to write 'bout good things. When people talking bad about her, he wrote "They talking bad about me again. But I don't care, God had created me perfectly". Soon, she became a beautiful girl with smile always in her face. Day by day, the books almost full. In the last page of the books, she wrote "Thankyou diary. Because of you finally I can be a new girl with smile in my face. You changed my whole life. Thankyou"

Then she closed the books. A strange thing happened after she closed it. A handsome boy appear in front of her. She was shocked. The boy told her that he got a curse and the little girl had unlocked that curse. A handsome boy finally decided to marry with that little girl. The end."

So how? The moral value I get is.............I shouldn't write bad things here or.......this blog will turned into an ugly boy hahahaha :P bye!

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