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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Smapa League

Morning! lovely sunday isn't it? hahaha. last night I sleep for almost 10 hours :D love ya I never had sleep as long as yesterday. I think I have to change my schedule. Morning-afternoon going to school. When I got homey, I start to study for tomorrow & replaying a little bit what I've learned on that day. So I can go to bed on 8.00 pm. Great schedule hahaha!

Yesterday I watched final match on SMAPA LEAGUE. That was XI-IA-4 a.k.a scream smapa against social united. Social united contain 3 class, social 1,2, & 3 obviously. I went there with yah my classmates. That evening was soooooooooo crowded you know. Many people there just to see who are the real winner? Actually lots of people have prediction that XI-IA-1 a.k.a synical will be the winner. They have good player. Unfortunately, they just got in 3rd position. Maybe it caused they're kinda snooty remember they were unbeatable & only pierced 1 goal.

I arrived there when the half time almost finish. Score for half-time was 1-1. Lucky for social has soo many player because they were merger for 3 classes. Supporter of social united also....ugh what I can say about 'em? They were adorable, crowded, compact, looks like they gonna be a real winner. They never get tired of supporting. They scream, dancing like cheerleader. They have lots of song that they changed the lyrics.

What about supporter of scre4m? They wore red jersey. They aren't as crowd as social united. Yah they didn't have to much supporter, maybe 16-20 students there? At first, I didn't know who'll I have to support. I adore scre4m. But social united also adorable, dude. Finally I support scre4m. The reason is I was a science student like them XD So my support is theirs :-p

The match runs kinda stressful. Both of them were super powerful hahaha. Final score were.......2-2. What happen then? Of course penalty kicks are theirs. Every scre4m player got a kick, I pray it can create a goal. Alhamdulillah, finally scre4m got to be a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha congratulations for neighbour class :-P don't be arrogant :-D

By the way my class a.k.a GHOST also played on smapa league. We played for 3 match. 1st match was against x9 which final score 2-2 for us. 2nd match we beat XI-IA-7 with 8-0. Last match we against XI-IA-6 and................we got 2 goals while XI-IA-6 got 5 on theirs. Sad? Yes kinda but they did their best. It was our last match on smapa league. Next year we gonna be on last high scool class :(

That was my story..

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