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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

How Surprising

Hi. Maybe y'all wondering whay I gave "How surprising" in this post title.
Here I'll tell you.
Yesterday, when I read newspaper after school, I really really impressed with a news. What's that? The news was about Denny Indrayana. Click here if you didn't know who he is. I read that he is just became a professor at UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) Yogyakarta while his age still 39th. What do you think? I was thought before that to be professor, normally has age over 60 y.o.
Because I'm too much impressed, I tweeted like that last night..

"I want to be professor like Denny Indrayana at a young age"

Actually I just random to wrote it. But.............this morning when I checked my twitter, I got a replies.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I was speechless at that time. And to convince myself, I checked his twitter. And that's true he was tweeted for me!!! XD How surprising. It's can support me to be professor like him :D Thankyou :D

And second..
This afternoon I got IT daily examination. When I do my paper...Mr. Geger came to me. And we got conversation like this:
Mr. Geger: You're lu'lu' right? Owner of unique name?
Me: Yes sir. Why?
Mr. Geger: Do you know Wafa?
Me: Off course. He is my brother. What happen?
Mr. Geger: Really?? You're his sister? Actually if you said that you didn't know him. I'll said you're maybe his mate because you both have resemble face. And I just know that y'll a siblings.
Me:  *laughing*

How funny rite? I can't stop laugh when I thought about that conversation. Mr. Geger really absurd! XD

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