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Friday, February 03, 2012

Hell-o febru-harry

Hi everyone! It's februharry already. On first februharry, Indonesian directioners made trending topics on Twitter. HappyBdayHarryFromIndonesia, i joined to wrote some tweets with that hastag even I'm not sure that Harry will read it.
Hm.. I got stressed with lots of daily examination. On Wednesday, I just passed physics exam. Fyi, in this semester I won't cheating anymore. So I must study hard and...it's little bit difficult because I habitually cheating. Don't imitate me or....sure, you will regret soon. Actually, on that day I must took IT exam too. But unfortunately, Mr.Geger didn't come to class:/ Huh dissapointed. I've studied and printed module you know? On Thursday, I passed Math exam which it's done in the first time. Let's wondering how it's felt if you must faced complicated questions at morning?!?!?! Kinda sucks.

Even this week kinda sucks, there was an event that made me superduper excited. Guess what? Yea, smapa league! :D On Thursday we must faced sulapan or x8 grade. Fortunately, we knocked out them! And the final score was 5 for us and 1 for them. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so damn excited you know? But I didn't take some photos at that moment -.-
Well, it's my story on eary februharry. What's yours? (:

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