Goodbye 2011 - A Lifelong Journey by Lulu Khodijah

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Nah! Assalamualaikum guys! How's life? It's December 31th 2011. Yea the last day of this year. What do you feel? Happy? Sad? Or other?
Hmpphhh whatever your feeling now, let's make #NewYearWishes. Why we must make #NewYearWishes? It's just because we're can motivated to satisfy our target. As simple as that (:

Here's my #NewYearWishes
  1. Always healthy
  2. Have better relationship with God and others
  3. Be top three at class, at least top five 
  4. Get into science class
  5. Be the best daughter for my parents, best sister for my sis&bro, best friends for all my friends
  6. My ridiculous class can be the winner on "liga smapa" 
  7. Moreeee smart&cute
There are my #NewYearWishes. Let's say bismillah and.........happy new year all! :D

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