Dear My Dearest Mom..

November 05, 2012,0 Comments

Tell me, when the last time you spending time with your mom? Today? A few minutes ago? Yesterday? I gonna say how lucky you are.
Since I'm on Junior-Senior High students, relationship between me & my mom didn't close enough. How sad ya? And yesterday my mom look down at me. Huh why she can't appreciate my hard-work even a little bit?
When I got 9 at math for THE FIRST TIME she just said "yeah.."
When I got 9 for physics for THE FIRST TIME she just respond "you should do it every time you got exam.."

I felt like she didn't love me anymore. Did she?
While other girls spent most of their time to talk with their mom. 'Bout school, boy, some shit school subjects, teacher, experience, friends, bestfriends, annoying thing, etc. I got envy to you all. What I can do in house everyday just laying down on my bed. Writing some tweets. Make some good scenarios that I know it will NEVER HAPPEN..

It's really different with my childhood. The one who love me the most was...my grandma. And she was passed away 4years ago.. Dear grandma, I miss you so much. I miss talking to you. Told you any stupid thing. Cooking. Sit down together on red couch with photo album as our topic. Talking about old times. OMG I just realized that she loves me more than I know.

Can I be that happy with my mom, oh Allah...? :(
(ps: iloveyou, mom)

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