Exam Was Over, Gurlz!

June 11, 2012,0 Comments

 Yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Just passed UKK last morning. How cool. Today was Economy and History. For history test, believe it or not, I was done em...what we call "asal-asalan" on english? Hehehe..
Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah I feel free. Even the score....ah can't wondering how it will be. I guess it will kinda...bad. Or really bad? Sucks x_x I got 6 for UKK rsbi (use english) and 6, too for UKK kota (use bahasa). Am I too stupid at this lesson? :( what's wrong with my brain?

Ehm fyi this exam will used to "penjurusan". There was 2 choice. Either science or social class. My parents forced me to chose science one and I just can write what they want. Oh God, give me a miracle. I want to be more successfull in the future. Ameeeen^^ Happy holiday to y'all :)

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